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Curing Medical Marijuana

Drying and curing medical cannabis properly will yield the most THC-potent smoke. When dried and cured improperly, potency can diminish substantially. The level of THC in a plant is determined by its genetics. Proper drying and curing will keep the THC level as high as genetically possible. It does not increase potency. A little background on what happens inside and outside the harvested drying plant will help you understand why proper drying and curing are so important to good quality medical marijuana.

The outer cells are the first to dry, but fluid still moves from internal cells to supply moisture to the dry outer cells. When this process occurs properly, the plant dries evenly throughout. Removing leaves and large stems upon harvest speeds drying, however, moisture content within the “dried” buds, leaves and stems is most often uneven. Even though the plants appear to be dry, they still contain moisture inside. This moisture affects taste and potency.

To remove this excess moisture, curing is necessary. Curing marijuana is a simple process that only takes about 1 - 2 weeks to complete. However, very few growers of medical marijuana will even bother to take the time to cure their crop. The curing process is generally set aside for large buds. The small buds you can smoke or vaporize until the curing process is over.

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