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Medical Marijuana Growing

Many medical organizations support the use of Medical Marijuana as recommendation by a doctor. If you have a recommendation for Medical Marijuana but cannot find a source, and the growing of Medical Marijuana is legal in your state and locality, you may need to grow your own. Seeds should usually be sprouted in starter soil or unfertilized soil, as fertilized soil may hurt the young plant. The best growth occurs when the plant receives 18 to 24 hours of light per day.

A Medical Marijuana Registry Identification Card is available from the state in the form of a license. Approval to use Marijuana for a Medical condition is necessary for either using marijuana or growing it. Only qualifying patients or their caregivers are legally allowed to grow Medical Marijuana.

Cultivate only the legally allowed amount at one time

First of all, a prescription is required. Before you start marijuana cultivation, do get the required permits.

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